Free C-Section Guidebook

This book is dedicated to all women who have brought life into the world, to their courage and power – Thank you all.

After the experience of my own emergency c-section delivery I wanted to write this as an information resource that other women can be informed of what a c-section is all about, and to make choices accordingly.

I have attempted to be as neutral as possible about the issue of c-sections and this book is not intended to beat any particular drum, I just want women to have all the information they can from which to make their own choices. To this end I do my best to limit the writing to what is factual.

I do feel strongly that we need to be empowered in our choices and not be dictated to by care givers who have their own agenda.

For those like me who do end up birthing by cesarean, I want to offer options for effective recovery and support. Here too we can be empowered and proactive, and with a small investment of time and energy we can do much to avoid many of the potential risks and downsides of having undergone cesarean surgery.


It’s a pdf so you will need a pdf reader, if you don’t have one get Adobe’s free here